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Wow! Wow! Wow!
kevin101c 06-13-2007, 11:58 AM | Post #201762 | 
This is Jack, not Kevin, and I want to tell you that my time with all the Bogleheads in Alexandria was simply awesome.

Thanks especially to chief emcee Mel, to the infinitely hospitable Ragers, to the eternally graceful Larimores, to all those who responded to Taylor's challenge to comment at Monday's dinner, especially Bill Schultheis and Steve Dunn (what great and memorable anecdotes), to the infinitely wise Bill Bernstein, to Kevin for getting me back here in one piece, and to all of you whom I don't have enough space (and memory!) to name.

Thanks for being in the Windsor Room (a nice touch), for sporting me to a room, for the goody bag (and especially the Bogle--alas, no relation--Merlot, and for your generous contribution in my name to the John C. Bogle Chairman's Room at the National Constitution Center.

But most of all, thanks just for being who you are--a warm and witty group of human beings who are comitted to helping one another puzzle through the investment maze, to avoid the potholes along the way, and to stand as living testimony to "the majesty of simplicity," at least when practiced in "an empire of parsimony."

I still haven't figured out--and probably never will--how to handle such a gracious and generous outpouring of affection and trust. Even "Jack Bogle for President" didn't seem too preposterous! But know that you light up my life and illuminate my legacy, such as it may be.

Thanks, friends, and may God bless you always!


P.S. Darned if I can figure out how to get this Diehards posting over to the Bogleheads site. Can one of you oblige?

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