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Our Miami Meeting with St. Jack
Mel Lindauer 03-11-2000, 5:13 PM | Post #22183 | 
Hi Everyone:

I've just returned to my hotel room after an very exciting two days with our patron Saint, Jack Bogle.

I really can't begin to tell you all what a great time we've had. Mr. Bogle (call me Jack) is one of the most gentle, unassuming and down-to-earth people that you would ever want to meet. He's everything I thought he would be and so much more. A true legend!

Tayor and I met Jack (there, I did it!) in the hotel lobby on Fri. where all of the other Diehards who were staying at the hotel also assembled. I drove Mr. Bogle (er, Jack) to Taylor's lovely condiminium overlooking the bright lights of Miami. We were accompanied by Taylor and Olivia from Morningstar. Tim Dempsey, Claudia Redder, Gail & Michael Cox, Marianna & Jim Long and Jerry Green, who were also staying at the hotel all followed along in two other cars.

A number of the others who weren't staying at the Radisson had gotten to Taylor's on their own. Bea, a reporter from the Miami Herald (yes, there will be another story on the Bogleheads in next Sunday's business section!) was covering the affair and Frank Armstrong, whom many of you know, was also in attendance.

Pat, Taylor's lovely wife, outdid herself, and she was the most gracious host. We had cocktails as everyone chatted and got acquainted with each other for a while. Jack signed his books for those who brought them and got acquainted with everyone. We then had a magnificiant multi-course Florida dinner after which we all sat around and chatted with Jack for quite some time. We then proceeded to Taylor's den, where Jack personally typed the message that you see as Conversation #4980.

We then returned Jack to the hotel shortly after 10pm, as promised. In all, we had slightly more than four delightful hours with him, and it was something so very special for all of us in attendance - really a once-in-a-lifetime event!

And it was also very special to get to know the other Diehards, who, until now, had just been a name. We can now put faces with those names. Let me assure you, they are all really neat people!

On Sat. morning, Jack was the Keynote speaker, and his opening remarks before 3,000 or more attendees were about the great time he had the nite before at a dinner with the Bogleheads! He also introduced Taylor and I to Martha MacCullum of CNBC, who was the emcee for the program. She's even better looking in person!

In a later Q&A session, Jack also gave the Diehards a big plug, calling our forum the "the best investment site on the web", and again introduced Taylor and I, so I guess we'll be seeing a pickup in activity on the forum.

In a later speech by Don Phillips, CEO of Morningstar, his closing remarks were about a conversation he had earlier in the day with Mr. Bogle about the great time that Jack had had at dinner the nite before with the Bogleheads, and how he realized that Taylor's magnificant condo was the result of his founding of Vanguard! Pretty neat, huh?

I drove Jack to the airport this afternoon, accompanied by Taylor and Claudia.

I can't begin to tell you how very, very special these past two days have been for all of us. We're so very sorry that many of you who wanted to come were unable to make it, but we did have the extra plate set to represent all of you.

And tommorrow (Sunday), we're going sailboat racing in Biscayne Bay with Taylor. (Of course, you know the Diehards will win!)

I'm hoping that the other attendees will post their thoughts, either here are as a separate conversation, so that you can get the total flavor of the event from everyone's perspectives.

Lots of pictures were taken, so you should be able to share in this special event with us when they get posted on the site.

Best regards to all,


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