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Index Fundamentalism Revisited
4annarock 09-03-2004, 5:15 PM | Post #122494 | 
Hi Folks,

I am a Long time Diehard but not a PRO like some around here. This thread is really for the Pros only...and I will follow along and learn.

In the Journal of Portfolio Mgmt for Summer 2004 there is an in depth article on Index Fundamentalism Revisited where indexing and active portfolio mgmt are compared.

Results are that when it comes to domestic funds it is a toss up with some advantages given to active mgmt. in some instances.

They also point out that Jack Bogle, Burton Malkiel, et al have included actively managed funds in their portfolios.

Since this magazine is at a subscription of $400/yr and I read it in a school library, I don't believe too many have read the article. However, for those of you who have, I would be interested in your comments, especially some of the things they said re managed funds.

Please note, I am not interested in people responding to this who are at my limited level of expertise. Rather I am interested in hearing what Taylor, Rick,et al think of the article.

To my way of thinking, it was a very honest attempt to compare, contrast, and evaluate the two styles.

With hopes of hearing from all you Pros and learning lots I remain a dedicated Diehard.

Barlow Humphreys

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