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kevin101c 05-12-2004, 7:30 AM | Post #112264 | 
Hi, all,

After a swift and safe flight home from Denver, I'm still basking in the delight of Diehards IV. The assembled throng of friends and boosters have given me strength and energy to keep me going for a long time.

Special thanks to all for taking the time and trouble (and expense!) to be there, and special thanks to Taylor and Pat for your leadership, and the magnificently inscribed clock (reposing, where it will remain, right at deskside here), to Mel for all the arrangements, and to Daisy Dog for all you did--especially the delicious cake, shared here, after let's say a bumpy ride through two airports.

It was a whirlwind day of speeches, panels, fellowship, autographs, and photos, photos, photos. (Is it the digital revolution that has unleashed all those pictures?) But my energy remained unflagging, and I'm now preparing my acceptance speech for a Lifetime Award (it's a long story!) this noon, and then my commencement speech at Penn State when I get an honorary degree this Saturday.

In between, we're off to Vanderbilt for my youngest son's graduation (MBA)on Friday.

Thanks again to each and every one of you! Can't wait for Diehards/Bogleheads V!

Best always,


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