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My thoughts of Diehards 4!!!!!
GailCox 05-11-2004, 6:47 PM | Post #112234 | 
Flew in Sunday around 4pm. My mom, Sandy, came with me this time. She is from Atlanta, GA. We checked into our hotel, changed, then ventured down to the cocktail reception. The lovely Pat Larimore was graciously handing out our nametags and packets that contained our itineraries. From there, lots of hugs, introductions and conversation. Great to see all the "oldies" and to meet all the "newbies". I loved finding out things about each and every one of you!

In the banquet room, we went around and introduced ourselves to the group. That was so fun! It really took the edge off everyone to be able to put names and faces together. The dinner buffet was excellent! Off to bed early, because we had a big day on Monday!

Monday----go, go, go!!!!! We met at the Adam's Mark hotel for a lovely continental breakfast. More meeting and greeting. As a group, we were escorted into the conference room to hear Mr. Bogle's address to the AIMR group. Lots of "who are those people" looks! I felt like a celebrity! Mr. Bogle's speech on Corporate Governance was excellent! I know why they call him the conscience of the mutual fund industry!

From there, lunch on our own, even tho we found ourselves in small groups still meeting and greeting. Then, on to the book signing with Mr. Bogle, Bill Bernstein and Rick Ferri! They were so giving with their time! We appreciate all of them! Mr. Bogle had a neat gift for all of us---it was a collection of five of his speeches that he dedicated to us Boglehead's. His assistant, Kevin, was instrumental for gathering and binding the speeches. What a nice treat! Immediately following, we had the Q&A session with these awesome gentlemen. I'll let someone else post the Q's and A's. Mel was the moderator and he did an excellent job!

We were all exhausted at this point, so off we went to 'rest our eyes' until 7pm, when time for cocktails!!!

During the cocktail hour, I was amazed to find us all so energized and just really happy to be in each other's company. We all were experiencing such a high---in the presence of "Mr. B.", Bill B., Rick F., and all the diehards we have grown to know and love. We were all taking pictures of and with each other because we knew our time was about to end! Our dinner was awesome. What an amazing job "Daisy Dog did in organizing this! After dinner, Mr. B. was honored because his birthday was May 8th! We sang and had birthday cake!

From there, more visiting and hugs. Our time was about to end with each other! I cannot wait to see everyone next time! Please, please let me show you Fort Worth or Dallas for the next reunion.

I'm honored to be known as a Boglehead and honored to know each and every one of you!

Thanks to Taylor, Mel and Daisy Dog for planning this. Also thanks to Jack, Bill and Rick for all you do!


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