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Diehards IV in Denver?
Mel Lindauer 12-30-2003, 4:27 PM | Post #100331 | 
Hello Everyone:

As many of you know, Taylor and I have been working behind the scenes to try to pick a date and location for Diehards IV that ties in with our friend and mentor's (Jack Bogle) schedule. Jack has attended each of our three previous Diehard get-togethers (in Miami, at Vanguard's HQ in Valley Forge PA and at the M* Conference in Chicago), and we're planning on continuing that tradition.

In looking over Jack's speaking schedule for the first part of 2004, the AIMR Conference in Denver on May 10 looked like a possibility, so Taylor sent the exploratory e-mail below. We'll update you if/when we receive the green light from the AIMR folks.

In the meantime, Taylor and I both wish all the Diehards a very happy and prosperous New Year.

Mel & Taylor


Dear AIMR Representative:

Mel Lindauer and I represent the Morningstar Vanguard Diehard Forum--Morningstar's largest. We are an independent not-for-profit group open to anyone who participates in this forum (over 250,000 posts). Several CFA's are active participants.

We have had three reunions: one at a Miami Money Conference, another at the Vanguard Campus, and in 2002 at Morningstar in Chicago where Jack Bogle was the keynote speaker. We often call ourselves, "Bogleheads."

The purpose of this message is to explore the possibility of having our next reunion in Denver on May 15, 2004 in coordination with your own reunion. Perhaps you would allow us (50-100 persons) to sit-in during Mr. Bogle's speech which would justify holding our next reunion in Denver.

We look forward to your reply.

Happy New Year!

Taylor Larimore

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