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Diehard III - What a great time!
pglobe 07-01-2002, 12:18 PM | Post #65540 | 
The numerous comments written about the Diehard III experience certainly mirror my own! Matching faces to internet names was an interesting experience. But it was the warmth and openness of all the participants that struck the deepest core with me. Everyone was so welcoming-and Carl, Mel, and Taylor-everything ran so smoothly. Some people look to Hollywood for people to idolize and respect-just give me someone like Jack Bogle, his ideas really do shine. Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday certainly outdid my highest expectations. I feel energized with new ideas and new friends.

Also, a special thank you to Larry S. for the long chat at the airport!

Paul G.

P.S. I have 100+ (digital) pictures from DHIII, and will contact Alex (lowwall) and Adrian Nenu as to how to make them available for all to view.

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