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Diehards III
vrhelg 06-27-2002, 5:28 PM | Post #65304 | 
Since I live only 2 hours from Chicago and just returned from Diehards III, I thought other Diehards might appreciate hearing a few impressions of how it went. I know that many other participants, nearly 60 of us in all, also plan to share details of the time we spent together at the M* investors conference. Let me just say that it was a wonderful experience for me, and from the responses I noticed from other Diehards, I think everyone shared my enthusiasm. I only wish you could allhave been there!

The highlight of the conference for me was the chance to meet and spend time with Jack Bogle... he stopped, unexpectedly by on Tuesday evening as we were getting acquainted. What a treat! He gave a great talk, and then stayed for the entire evening, sharing in the socializing. Quite a guy!

It was great being able to put faces with names and spend time with so many other Diehards. My biggest surprise?... Tim Dempsey! Not what I nor most of us who hadn't already met him expected. When he stood up and introduced himself, a great roar of surprise and delight rose up from the entire room! A young, tall, handsome guy with a full head of hair and a great sense of humor!!! The secret is out!

In general, my impressions of the Diehards?... smart, talented, knowledgeable, interesting, humorous, fun, and compasionate! To me, the authors and panel members were particularly impressive. Although there were relatively minor points about which they disagreed, everyone did so with good humor, humility, and due respect for the other panel members. What a great experience! I'm anxious to hear what others who attended thought.


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