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From Mr. Bogle
kevin101c 06-12-2001, 2:24 PM | Post #42448 | 
Hi all,

Mr. Bogle asked me to post this to all of you on his behalf.


Hi, Bogleheads!

Forgive my delay in thanking you, one and all, for the glorious Diehards II assemblage. Before I'd even had a chance to bask in its memories, I was off to New York on Sunday afternoon to give the keynote speech at the Forrester Research Technology Conference, and returned late Monday night. (It's a long story!) The speech will be on my website within ten days or so.

In any event, June 9, 2001, was one of the red-letter days of my life. Of course, it's a treat to have such a fine group of Vanguard owners hold me in such high regard. But far more than that, it's the opportunity to meet and know the "real honest-to-God, down-to-earth human beings" who appreciate the simple investment philosophy that assures you of your fair share of financial market returns.

Taylor and Mel, thanks for leading the effort to bring us all together.

Bob, thanks for the British regimental bugle, a marvelously appropriate gift.

Ann, thanks for the "Vanguard" letter opener.

Bylo, thanks for the contentious book on the power of institutional investors.

Kathleen, thanks for coming "from sea to shining sea."

And Kirtland family, thanks 1,000 times over for the grand barbecue and celebration.

For every single one of you, thanks for your generous words, your friendly smiles, your warm handshakes, and your enthusiastic embraces. What a treat-and what a landmark-in making today's "virtual" world into a person-to-person "love-in."


You give me strength to carry on! You're all the greatest! God bless you!

With delight and best wishes, always,

Jack B.

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