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Taylor & Mel's thoughts on Diehards II
Mel Lindauer 06-11-2001, 10:10 PM | Post #42421 | 
Hello Everyone:

Now that we're all safely back home, Taylor and I would like to share some thoughts about the events of Diehards II with you.

After Diehards I, we thought that it would be impossible to duplicate that magical nite in Miami. However, we also realized that we shouldn't let that stop us from at least trying to capture some of that magic in future Diehards get-togethers. And after the events of Diehards II, we're definitely glad that we made the effort.

We want you to know that everyone in attendance contributed significantly to making Diehards II the success that it was. The warmth, love, compassion and fellowship of the Diehards was so pervasive that one couldn't help but feel it.

There were many moving moments over the three days, but a few really stand out. First, there wasn't a dry eye in the crowd when Irma Williams told us how the Diehards had affected her life (way to go Irma!!!). There was the moment at the banquet when we had to talk about hearing of Dave's death (probably the hardest thing Mel's ever had to talk about in front of a crowd). And to see those tears of joy in Jack Bogle's eyes when Bob Stowe made that brilliant presentation of the Bugle plaque. All in all, there just weren't enough Kleenex to go around!

And then there were the good times. Meeting new friends. Putting faces on the names we've only known on the forum, and comparing them with our mental image of that person. Visits to Valley Forge, the Brandywine Museum and other area attractions. Hearing Jason Zweig speak to us at the Friday nite banquet. Having the Kirtlands as our guests at the banquet. Our visit to Vanguard, where we had the most famous tour guide in the mutual fund industry (Jack Bogle). Our Q&A with Jack. And finally, the BBQ at the lovely Kirtland farm, where we made the presentation of the memorial plaque to the Kirtlands. It just doesn't get any better than that!

Eventually, though, we were faced with that inevitable sad part -- saying goodbye to so many new friends, but vowing to see each other again at Diehards III. And we can assure you, there will be a Diehards III.

We could never have pulled this off were it not for the encouragement and cooperation of everyone. The special help of Kevin, Katie, Avijit, Bylo, Gail, and many others must be acknowledged and recognized. We also thank Larry Gottlieb, who offered to share our deficit.

Again, thanks so much to each of you for sharing yourselves with the Diehards, both on and off the forum. We have taken upon ourselves an important mission -- to offer our best financial advice, without compensation, and without conflict of interest. This is no idle offer. Jason Zweig of Money Magazine wrote to Taylor about the Diehards: "Brain for brain, I would stack you guys against a room full of financial advisors, any day."

We Diehards have something very special, indeed, and we all need to work extremely hard to maintain the high standards and sense of community that we have.

Best regards to all.

Taylor and Mel

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