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The Bogle Bugle: Diehards II
Bob Stowe 06-11-2001, 12:18 PM | Post #42394 | 
When we were at Vanguard Saturday, we presented Mr. Bogle with a token of our esteem and affection. It was WW II British bugle that hangs off a cherry (wood)mounting.

We presented this on behalf of not only the Diehards who were present at that time, but also on behalf of the Diehards who weren't there. To encourage all of the good people on the board to feel a part of this gift, I want to share two things: the inscription on the present and the note Mr. Bogle wrote to me in a book he signed.

Along with our present, we placed the following inscription:

"The Conscience of the Industry"
To Jack Bogle

This token of our esteem, a 1942 British regimental bugle, symbolizes your clarion call to build an industry that protects and serves the average investor.

Your Bogleheads
June 9, 2001"

Later Mr. Bogle inscribed the following in a book I asked him to sign:

"To Bob Stowe,

With thanks for a very special bugle. It's sound shall not be uncertain...."

I, for one, am grateful that Mr. Bogle is such an uncompromising and clear champion of our interests. The passion and integrity he brings to our cause is as unrivaled as it is magnificent.

best wishes, bob stowe

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