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Is this panic thinking?
Psychscan 02-12-2003, 9:45 PM | Post #79300 | 
I have never been a market timer. My portfolio that is well diversified between stocks and bonds and is representative of various asset classes, including REIT. Though down approximately 6% during the last calendar year, sometimes we may make more by losing less. However, that having been said, I believe that there are historic times when predictions about market direction can be made with a greater degree of certainty than is generally the case. The late 90's were one of those, and there were those who put a high percentage of their portfolio in, say, Lucent or the Internet Fund, made huge profits, then returned to a more diversified investment pattern. Is it panic thinking to believe that this may be one of those "historic times" on the downside? In other words, would those in this forum consider it to be panic thinking for one to move all investments in tax deferred funds to a money market for the immediate future until the Iraq issue plays out and the market stabilizes somewhat? The reason for moving tax deferred funds only is that it would create no tax consequences and most of my portfolio, over 90%, is in such investments.
I can imagine there could be strongly contrasting opinions, but I would be interested in hearing them.
Best wishes,

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