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selecting a muni fund: natioonal vs state
primeso 04-10-2000, 12:04 PM | Post #23535 | 
Hello, all:

I'm interested in starting to invest new money (i.e., no rebalance) in muni funds and am deciding between--

Vanguard Intermediate Muni
Vanguard California Insured Intermediate

I'm in 31% fed tax bracket and 9% ca tax bracket. I plan to invest distributions in more shares and won't touch the money for 10 years. This is on top of a diversified equity funds and stocks. I'm using this to tone down risk as I approach retirement. I'm also adding new money 10% in 401k in PIMCO Total Return. I don't plan to rebalance current assets in ira / 401k / taxable.

My questions are
  • Where do I find current yield information? My guess is the CA muni pays lower yield than the national one since CA is both fed/state-tax exempt.
  • Is the state-specific muni really higher risk? I do remember the Orange County bond incident but don't remember how it impacted muni funds.
  • What's your opinion on I-bonds/TIPS versus muni bonds? I've a very small amount in i-bonds too.
  • What other things should I consider?

    Thanks in advance.

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