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Hocus, detrimental to diehards? A suggestion
johndcraig 05-13-2006, 10:59 AM | Post #175230 | 
First, those who have not followed these many hocus threads should read #50421 at #28 and #48. Nords at #28 presents a scathing criticism of Rob and dire warnings of what he might do to the diehards' forum. Is Nords exaggerating? Who knows, but his post is very well written and presumably he is the moderator of another forum that has had much experience with Rob. So let's start by giving Nords the benefit of the doubt by at least assuming that the gist of what he says is correct.

The last thing I would suggest at this time is that we ban Rob from Diehards. Nords calls Rob a troll, but based on everything I've seen on this forum he doesn't deserve the title. IMO Rob is intelligent and contributes some very good posts to this forum, but he does engage in some practices that irritate regulars on this forum. On the other hand, I do believe that several of those who follow and taunt Rob are bona fide trolls.

As I look at today's diehards.org conversation list I see four active threads that deal more with hocus than they do with substantive matters. I certainly don't like that state of affairs, and I can't imagine many do (except perhaps the trolls and maybe Rob). So if we don't ban hocus, what do we do? Here is my suggestion.

Hocus needs to change his act. First, he should be careful not to hijack threads. I once asked him not to hijack a specific thread and his response was that threads have a mind (direction) of their own. BS. Everyone knows when a thread is being diverted to another topic and they can stop their participation in the diversion. Second, hocus needs to avoid dominating threads. Sometimes he will post 3-4 consecutive lengthy replies. That is a real turn-off to someone who enters a thread wanting a quick summary of the conversation. Hocus knows how to avoid both hijacking and domination of threads and he should make a sincere effort to do so.

Even more important than hocus changing his act is for others to stop trolling or feeding the trolls. These four hocus threads exist today because several appear to enjoy them. Those who promote and encourage these threads are the real culprits. Some take a righteous stand and claim not to be trolls, but it is obvious that they are simply enjoying the fight. There are two common examples: first, those who constantly challenge his zero equity position; and second, those who challenge 1.6 and 5.3 percent quotes. The first is a personal attack and the second has been answered many times by reference to the JWR website. If you don't like what Rob is saying put him on your ignore list or just don't read his posts. If you want to challenge substantive issues (with either Rob or JWR) great, but those who simply wish to egg on the fight should stop.


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