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Diehards II Story in Philadelphia Inquirer
Mel Lindauer 06-11-2001, 5:36 PM | Post #42410 | 
Hello everyone:

I just finished an interview with Miriam Hill, the Philadelphia Inquirer reporter who covered our Diehards II visit to Vanguard and our meeting with Jack Bogle.

As you recall, Miriam was accompanied by a photographer from the Inquirer, so I would expect that there will be photos with the article. From my conversation with Miriam, I'd expect to see something about Irma Williams, Claudia Reeder and Kathleen Ryan, among others.

She told me that the story will run in tomorrow's edition (Tuesday 6-12-01). The article can be read online at Philly.com. I'm not familiar with the site, but she said to click on the Inquirer icon once you get to the Philly.com site, and then click on "Business", and you should see the article.

Best regards to all,


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