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What I "learned" from a 401K rep
newguy123 05-24-2001, 10:04 AM | Post #41684 | 
Hi All,

This is partly for amusement and partly to show how company 401Ks are run. We had a rep for the company that administers our 401K here yesterday.

Here are some things I "learned":

1) Our 401K has mutual funds that he guarantees will return 8 to 15 percent over the next 20 years.

2)Value funds carry zero risk.

3)Everyone should be invested in at least 50% technology.

4) Everyone should have at least 25% healthcare.

5) Without asking me any questions other than my age, he said the best portfolio for me would be 50% tech, 25% healthcare, and 25% value.

6) The reasons Vanguards costs are so low, is that they have mediocre returning funds. You must pay higher costs for better returning funds.

Just thought I would share these with everyone. How salesmen can say these things with a straight face is beyond me.



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