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how does one classify social security
drlung 12-30-2006, 7:52 AM | Post #190744 | 
in asset allocation and does it effect overall mix of equity, fixed income, etc. if this has been covered before i apologize and will go to where direced in the conversation # but I searched and could not find it.

my question more specifically is if I am within 4 years of retirement and receive 24,000/year in ss, does this amount to a 500,000 fixed income asset paying 5% and therefore i should figure it this way in asset allocation re equiteies or do you ignore it and just look at the retirement 403b porfolio as a separate issue.

i originaly ignored it but now i think this has made my overall portfolio too slanted to fixed income and i could take on more equity risk to diversify the social securuty annuity as well as an equal amount in TIAA traditional which i do consider as a "bond" or fixed income.

Thanking you in advance

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