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Hocomania: A Poll for Diehards
donocash 08-31-2006, 1:43 PM | Post #182382 | 
Some time has now passed since the onset of numerous posts on many threads by Rob Bennett (hocus), sufficient enough I think to have formed an opinion about his ideas.

I now want to start a poll, to find out what Diehards think of Hocus's ideas.

But, first this is what the poll is NOT about.

It's not about whether you like Mr. Bennett or not, or think that you would like him or not.

It's not about whether you like his posting style, or whether you think his (stated/claimed) personal financial plans are good or bad, or whether you think he qualifies as a financial expert or guru.

Its about his ideas, which I would boil down to two basic ideas:

1) He claims to have successfully challenged conventional wisdom (however you choose to define it) about safe withdrawal rates during retirement.

2) He claims to have developed (or championed, your choice) a market timing strategy using a metric called P/E 10 which is superior to a simple buy and hold strategy.

So, the poll question:

Do you think these two ideas are useful additions (for any other reason) to the Diehard board?

YES vote - I think these ideas are good ideas, well thought out, that have changed my thinking/planning on financial matters, or are at least worthy in some way.

NO vote - I think these ideas are bad ideas, or poorly presented, which if implemented, would likely be deterimental to my financial health, or bad in some other way (misleading, oversimplistic, whatever)

Some brief poll rules.

Please post only once. If you like, a simple YES or NO will suffice. If you prefer, you might add a small paragraph explaining your views. But, I would ask you not to refer to other posters in any way, in an attempt to spark debate, or belittle/challenge someone. The goal here is to poll the readers, not debate the ideas here. Please put a clear YES or NO in your response.

I would ask Rob Bennett not to post on this thread. Again, the idea is to poll the Diehards, not to give Rob a forum to try to influence their vote/opinion.

Diehard definition, for the purpose of this poll: any reader of this forum who wishes to participate in the poll.

Please do not critique or otherwise comment about the poll in this thread. I will create a companion thread for comments about the poll. Or, you can create one yourself. I am hoping we can avoid the thread wandering off-course, or having comments directed toward intimidating folks from participating.

I'm hoping for at least 200 votes. Please vote!

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