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Who Regrets saving and investing?
drewstealth 01-12-2006, 7:29 PM | Post #164737 | 
I know that saving and investing you money is very important. That is why i am doing it now at an early age(22). But sometimes i wonder if it is worth doing now, and in turn losing out on some more fun in life. For instance most of my friends have nice new or newer sports cars. Corvettes, mustangs, and Camaro's. Things like that. One of them has a new Dodge Charger RT. Some of my friends(a different set of friends, not the ones with the nice cars) just went to a trip to Las Vegas. They also went to mexico last summer.

What i'm getting at is instead of saving as much as i can and investing it(which doesn't leave me much after all my bills, rent, food, gas). I could be using that money and going with my friends on trips, or i could be paying for that nice new fast sports car. Things like that you know. Having more fun with my money.

How many of you regret investing at an early age(if you did), and wish you could of had more fun with you money. I mean your only young once. So why not have as much fun as you can then. I would like to get some of your opinions on this.

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