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The Best Advice You Will Ever Get
CharlesBroadway 12-29-2004, 10:58 PM | Post #133393 | 
Here's the best piece of advice you will ever get:


I know a lot of advice gets handed around here, but we ask for this advice.

Unfortunately, the vast majority of the population does not want your advice. Just because people complain about easily solved problems does not mean that they want you to solve them.

I hear all sorts of foolishness that people have concerning their finances. In the past, I would take pains to explain the importance of saving, investing in an IRA, advoiding credit card debt, indexing, etc. Now, I don't waste my breath. As Seneca put it, "Those who have never learned don't want to learn."

When you give people unsolicted advice, all they will do is ridicule you or just not listen. If you are in a group of like minded fools, you will be ostracized for your common sense. You will be the fool.

It takes discipline, but you must be willing to let fools experience the consequences of their actions. Trust me when I say, these people aren't suffering because they don't know any better. They don't want to know any better.

I have an uncle who is a complete idiot. He makes $80K a year but complains that he has nothing to show for it. All of it goes to maintain a mountain of credit card debt and a consumer driven lifestyle. But do I take the pains to tell him differently? Nope.

I find that people's worst enemies are themselves. I know I am.

It would be nice to help people out, but you must remember one thing. Every pack of cigarettes comes with a warning label, and people still keep smoking.

My uncle is a smoker.


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