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Single Target Retirement Fund in an IRA
Arenal 12-14-2004, 5:19 PM | Post #132198 | 
I am strongly considering opening a new Vanguard traditional IRA with just one fund: Target Retirement 2035. (I'm 41 and although the fund doesn't exactly match my years to retirement, it does match my preferred asset allocation -- I'm also looking for something to put on "auto-pilot" and build for a long time and don't plan on touching the money.) Would this "fund of funds" -- by itself -- be appropriate to have in an IRA, or would it not be diversified enough? I'm not too comfortable with picking individual funds (too many choices and opinions out there), and so thought this route would be appropriate for me. Also, can I easily switch to other funds down the road if I decide I want to go a different direction? As usual, thanks for your valuable help!


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