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Re: Meridian Funds taken over by Arrow Point Investments
RetiredLimoman 06-13-2013, 6:40 PM | Post #3433121 | 

[quote user="dbcooper"]

Good points Limo....I'm more inclined to go with Scout Mid Cap (UMBMX). Proven management and good performance. I would treat MERDX as a brand new fund and look for a 3 year history. If you don't want to wait that long I'd buy in with the minimum and monitor it and preferably in a brokerage account so you could get out quick should things sour.  

I went with UMBMX when it came out and took a flyer on it..

But ,being a Horder, I got too many Mid Cap Funds and just had to cut some loose..

but of course the wrong one's as usual...

I cut UMBMX in early 08'.. keeping MERDX, PRNHX, POAGX & FBRVX/HFCSX and then AKREX when it Came out..followed him from The Former FBRVX/Now HFCSX..toStarting his own AKREX..,  out of Habit..

I just KNEW I should have cut MERDX and kept and moved that $ into UMBMX.. UMBMX was doing so Much better, but I figuure it was due to being a New Fund..

But these past few yrs (since 2011) ? comparing to the Indexes? Not So Sure now about it..


I was expecting UMBMX to do better than it has .. 

Darn Indexes!

I wouldn't doubt, These Funds are becomming Like our other businesses...  Making sure they do Do Too Much Better for too long.. to make the others look bad .. all part of the Brotherhood if you will.

For the early yrs we had to do things like that in the Limo business.. and the wife the same running her Beauty shop..

Keep the faith!


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