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Re: PONDX or...
stillers 05-12-2013, 9:52 AM | Post #3420550 | 


(1) Me and the missus will take PIMIX (PONDX I shares) to our gr-, well, you know, unless of course Ivascyn departs. 

(2) We looked into some utilities funds during the years leading up to our retirements in June 2012, put them on our watch list, and were sadly disappointed in their performance.  Perhaps we poorly screened them.  Perhaps bonds simply outperformed them. We dunno.  

That said, for potential share price appreciation comparison purposes between PIMIX and the utilities funds you are considering...

Per our calculations, 67% or 2/3rds of PIMIX's 2013 YTD 5.65% TR has been derived from NAV price appreciation.  

That puts it near the top of the lead group of our current bond OEFs that we have held since 01/01/13: 

LSBRX: 75% (one purchase in 2013 likely distorts our calc) 

TEGBX:  75% (same comment as LSBRX)

PIMIX:  67%  (no purchases in 2013 - clean calc)

Our bond portfolio aggregate:  44%

Note:  We calculate 43% of PIMIX's 2012 YTD 22.17% TR was derived from NAV price appreciation, which was below the 2012 YTD 52% aggreagate NAV growth of our bond OEF portfolio.    

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