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Re: Aggressive Bond vs Allocation Funds
richendric 03-15-2013, 10:36 PM | Post #3395440 | 

Hi dt,

Of the funds you mentioned in the OP, I own TGEIX, SPHIX, and PDIIX.

I don't own any allocation/balanced funds because I feel my active equity and FI fund managers can do a better long term job than the ones that would manage those applicable funds in allocation/balanced funds. However, the allocation/balanced fund managers might do a better job timing the movement in allocations between equity and FI, which, for the long term, might be a better solution to minimize downside risk.

For the record, PRWCX, FPACX, and VWELX all have a 1-2 per cent better 10 year annualized return than my core portfolio. Of course, you picked some of the best allocation/balanced funds.

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